Introducing FODMAPLAB

The best app for Low FODMAP dieting has been made even better with a complete redesign, new features for symptom tracking and a whole lot more.

FODMAPLAB is the perfect companion app for Low FODMAP dieting. Easily lookup foods and their FODMAP contents, record your experiences and symptoms, and keep track of how your symptoms change over time.

Easily lookup your favorite foods:

  • Learning about foods and their FODMAP contents has never been easier. FODMAPLAB lets you search a wide variety of foods, use and combine filters, and browse through categories and collections of foods.
  • For each food we provide you with an overview of its FODMAP contents, portion size guidelines (for foods moderate in FODMAPs) and a summary of your past experiences with the food.

Track symptoms with the journal:

  • The journal is designed to help you easily record your daily symptoms. You can record symptoms in categories like ‘pain and cramping’, ‘gas and bloating’, and ‘fatigue and tiredness’.
  • In addition to symptoms you can also add notes and food experiences to your journal.

Visualize your data and gain insights:

  • We provide you with beautiful graphs and key statistics based on the data you record in the journal.
  • Following the development of your symptoms over time will help you understand your progress, and the impact of your dietary choices.

All the while keeping your data private:

  • We never send your data to our servers – the app has been designed to function 100% offline.
  • We only store data on your device. It is then your choice if you want to share or take backups of your data.

iPhone screenshots:

iPad screenshots:

Labyrinth AR Released

Following the release of iOS 11 and ARKit, Labyrinth AR has been made available on the App Store.

Labyrinth AR takes advantage of the new AR capabilities of iOS 11 to deliver an augmented reality experience in your backyard.

Version 1.0 features:

  • Create labyrinths in the labyrinth editor
  • Explore labyrinths in augmented reality
  • Discover user-created labyrinths in the community section
  • Keep data in sync with iCloud integration

Labyrinth AR Preview

After Apple’s announcement of ARKit at WWDC 2017 I started to experiment with life-size labyrinth exploration in augmented reality.

The result is the game Labyrinth AR, which will be released along with iOS 11 on September 19th.

Labyrinth AR lets you build labyrinths using a labyrinth editor and explore them in augmented reality. You can also share your labyrinths with other users and discover their creations in a section of the app called Community.

iPhone screenshots:

iPad screenshots: