Labyrinth AR Released

Following the release of iOS 11 and ARKit, Labyrinth AR has been made available on the App Store.

Labyrinth AR takes advantage of the new AR capabilities of iOS 11 to deliver an augmented reality experience in your backyard.

Version 1.0 features:

  • Create labyrinths in the labyrinth editor
  • Explore labyrinths in augmented reality
  • Discover user-created labyrinths in the community section
  • Keep data in sync with iCloud integration

Labyrinth AR Preview

After Apple’s announcement of ARKit at WWDC 2017 I started to experiment with life-size labyrinth exploration in augmented reality.

The result is the game Labyrinth AR, which will be released along with iOS 11 on September 19th.

Labyrinth AR lets you build labyrinths using a labyrinth editor and explore them in augmented reality. You can also share your labyrinths with other users and discover their creations in a section of the app called Community.

iPhone screenshots:

iPad screenshots: